Planned Features

Immediate goal is to make project stable and release first non-snapshot version. That includes:

  • Windows, Linux and OSX friendly client
  • Endure agent (launcher on the agent side) doesn't not download unchanged resources
  • Remove VM is always stopped when client closes connection
  • The agent always closes connection when remote VM stops
  • TODO launcher on the agent side removes old resources if they do not appear on the list of passed resources. That should stand for empty directories.

See also under Possible Future Security Features

Would Be Nice To Have

Aside of getting remove VM launcher 'out', there is a list of 'would be nice to have' features of which some may be considered in near by future and others might never get to be implemented. Things include:

  • Screen functionality: ability to start session, detach from existing session, list existing session, stop existing session, re-attach to existing session...

  • Create shell script for starting remove VM locally. It is nice to have way to re-run previously remote session locally. Since all information is already there when local VM is invoked from running agent, same details can be written out to shell file (even nicer to have in .bat file as well), so same program can be run locally without "proper&qout; deployment, but as a shortcut for quick and dirty run.

  • Run the agent on a windows machine.

  • If/when security issue addressed (SSL and certificates) ability to create init.d script from the agent (if run with superuser privileges.

  • Eclipse plugin

  • Client launcher to be able to produce:
    • Executable, "uber" jar
    • Some sort of deployment/installation package

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    That would be handy for finishing/finalising small/ad-hoc projects for remote/headless platforms that are not built from maven.